"I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience with Midwest Teachers Institute! Our instructor, Melanie, was wonderful! She was so knowledgeable and made the whole experience easy and very enjoyable! I thought that all of the sites we visited were interesting and had a direct connection to our standards. This was the perfect class to take towards renewing my teaching license and would definitely take another and recommend it to a friend."  J. Milburn, 599 CL Columbus.

"Traveling with my friends and co-workers was so non-threatening and fun. We got an opportunity to brainstorm and plan while enjoying different field trip locations. It was a great experience."

L. Martin, 599 AA, Ann Arbor.

" What a great way to get graduate credits and tour Chicago. Not only was it unique but being outside the usual stuffy classroom was a welcome attribute."  

T. Kruse, 599 CS & CN, Chicago.

" I am so used to sitting in a classroom for my PD, but these courses were awesome. Seeing New York and its great educational sites all while earning graduate credits was an exceptional way to learn to say the least."  

M. Franco, MTI 599 BL & NY, Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York

TBT Onsite Courses

Tour A City Near You And Explore What It Has To Offer Educators.

             All While Earning 3 Graduate Credits.                  


Each class is (3) graduate credits through our University Partner Calumet College of St. Joseph.

What is Teaching Beyond the Textbook?
The purpose of these classes are to provide teachers with a variety of educational related experiences outside of their regular classroom. More than ever, our students are visual learners who need to see what we are talking about to reinforce our classroom instruction. Teaching Beyond the Textbook is designed to help teachers understand how these educational "Field Trip" sites can be beneficial to our students, and to make sure that they are familiar with the logistics of the locations. Many of our educational learning sites feature guided tours, educational resources for loan to schools, and a variety of other programs that can help you provide the best possible experience to your students. Get out of the classroom and explore, all while earning 3 graduate credits.  

All TBT courses cost $450, click here  for group discounts which could significantly reduce your price.

Columbus Courses-2017  


MTI 599CB-TBT Columbus, OH (1) Teaching Beyond the Textbook

Instructor: Melanie Pizzino

Columbus, OH & Surrounding Areas

"I appreciate MTI and Melanie for designing a course that is not only useful for educators but also affordable

and reasonable for a busy educator to complete." -Jennifer Maurer, 599 TBT CB.

      New York Courses-2017      

MTI 599 QN-Teaching Beyond the Textbook-Queens, New York

Instructor: Marc Grieco

Queens, NY & Surrounding Areas

Starting Saturdays May 6, 13 and 20

"Marc was an outstanding instructor. Very informative on the areas we visited. Very kind as well."- Andrea Patane, 599TBT QN

Ann Arbor Courses-2017

Instructor: Kathi Barker

Ann Arbor & Surrounding Areas

Starting Monday August 7 to 11

"Enjoyable and a great resource to use in my classroom."- Jennifer Venis, 599 TBT AA

"I really enjoy these classes. I have discovered a lot of places in my own backyard that I did not know existed. Even if I cannot use certain locations in my own classroom, I can pass information on to other teachers. Which I have done."- Michelle Neu, 599 TBT AA

Detroit Courses 2017

Instructor: Erik Hart

Detroit & Surrounding Areas

Starting Monday June 19 to 23

MTI 599DM-Detroit (2) Teaching Beyond the Textbook –Detroit, Michigan & Surrounding Areas

Instructor: Kathi Barker

Detroit & Surrounding Areas

Starting Monday June 26 to 30

"Great instructor and a fun educational class to take."- Florence Orow-599 TBT DM

Instructor: Erik Hart

Detroit & Surrounding Areas

Starting Monday August 14 to 18

"It was a very fun and interesting class. Great overall experience. I would recommend this class to others." Benjamin Harmon,599TBT DD

"This is the second course I've taken through MTI, the first was the TBT class in Ann Arbor.  The courses are a great way to gain information on local history and field trip sites that can be used directly in my classes.  The local features really grab the interest of my students."

 Margaret Ackerman, 599 TBT AA and DD.

Chicago Courses-2017      


Instructor: Carrie Twietmeyer

Chicago & Surrounding Areas

Starting Monday June 26 to 30

"MTI is a great place to take a class.  All of the instructors are knowledgeable and motivated.  The TBT class is an outstanding idea and a truly enjoyable class to be a part of."  Anthony Kruse, 599 TBT CC

Florida Courses 2017
New This Year

MTI 599 SP- Teaching Beyond the Textbook- St. Petersburg

Instructor: Arren Swift

St. Petersburg & Surrounding Areas

Starting Monday July 10 to 14

MTI 599 TB- Teaching Beyond the Textbook- Tampa Bay

Instructor: Arren Swift

Tampa & Surrounding Areas

Starting Monday July 17 to 21

New York 2017

MTI 599 MN-Course (2) Teaching Beyond the Textbook – Manhattan (2), New York
Instructor: Marc Grieco
Manhattan & Surrounding Areas
Starting Monday July 17 to 21

"I found the MTI class very beneficial as it was intellectually engaging and provided a variety of ways in which we can enhance our instructional approaches. " Maura Martinez, 599 TBT MN

"It was a refreshing experience to learn outside the classroom yet come away with ideas that can be used in the classroom."
Lilian Licitra, 599 TBT MN

Instructor: Marc Grieco
Manhattan & Surrounding Areas
Starting Monday July 24 to 28

"Great way to receive credits for salary step and at the same time to visit museums to learn what it has to offer."
Jennifer Moran, 599 TBT BL

Instructor: Marc Grieco
Manhattan & Surrounding Areas
Starting Monday July 31 to August 4

Opportunities to Teach With Us

Become an Independent Contractor for MTI

If you are interested in teaching with us, visit our Teaching Opportunities page.  We are looking for people to teach our 599 TBT Field Trip courses in their home cities throughout the United States.

If you develop a new course, we will pay you $115 per student.  The total of your pay is based on the number of teachers who take your course.